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The most important strategies for profit from Bitcoin


Profiting from bitcoin is no longer difficult at all, if you want to achieve this and get more gains by trading bitcoin, you should look forward to the next lines, you will learn with us how to trade bitcoin and make profits from it, and we will provide you with strategies that will give you the complete opportunity in achieve what you want.

Earning from Bitcoin:


The desire of many to profit from Bitcoin and start trading with it is constantly increasing, but the most important question here is do you have enough information about this virtual currency?!


In short, Bitcoin is a digital or virtual currency that is used to purchase services or products.


It has become relied upon by some companies to buy more of their currencies, as they are relied upon as a form of investment.


Bitcoin has a direct-to-intermediate network for payments that no one can interfere with or own.


In 2016, the price of Bitcoin witnessed a significant increase, which attracted the attention of investors.


Let's learn about the most important strategies for trading with Bitcoin and profiting from it by looking at the next paragraphs.

Bitcoin ProfitStrategies:


If you want to get the best profit from Bitcoin trading, then you should look at the following two strategies that we will present to you as they are considered to be the best and most effective strategies ever.


These two strategies have the advantage of taking Bitcoin's high volatility into account, so it's important to look at them and know them in order to choose the one that best suits you.

1. News strategy:


Although Bitcoin is mostly not affected in its economiccalendar by news, this does not negate the need to monitor Bitcoin-specific news periodically.


This news is more effective in the cryptocurrency market compared to other news related to the traditional economy, such as US non-farm salaries and so on.


If you realize for example that there is a huge fund that has invested hundreds of millions in Bitcoin. In this case, it is better that you think about buying the digital currency in the next few days.


And in the event that there is a news spread about witnesses to the hacking of a large cryptocurrency transaction, in this case you should consider completing the Bitcoin sale.

Realistic examples ofnews strategy:


At the beginning of last April, Bitcoin prices faced a noticeable increase. This increase was due to a number of factors, such as:


Officially declaring that Bitcoin did not violate any of the provisions of Islamic law.

A number of news also spread that a famous investor by the name of George Soros is interested in cryptocurrency trading.

Along with the focus of a number of traders and their focus on the Global Blockchain Forum that was decided to be held in Dubai during the days of April 16-17, he also had a hand in witnessing the increase in the price of Bitcoin.

After this has passed, there are more factors that also varied related to this matter, such as the decision of one of the famous search engines, Bing search engine, which belongs to Microsoft to join the Internet giants in the decision to stop cryptocurrency ads starting in July in 2018. .


In short, this strategy needs to be monitored by a number of Bitcoin news blogs and websites to get it right.


In this case, you have to filter the news of greatest importance to be able to sort out the unimportant shouts or trends and focus on the important bitcoin news.

2. Bitcoin ProfitStrategy, Trading Based on Technical Analysis:


Technical analysis is a great source of ideas for trading bitcoin. It is not preferable to rely on scalping, which means trading operations on short periods of time. Rather, it is preferable that you focus on timeframes larger than H1 as they provide the most advantage in the market.


Keep in mind that Bitcoin always tends to keep up with trends.


So, one of the best BTC profit strategies ever is to select a trend-following program when trading Bitcoin.


It can be very simple by relying on a number of moving averages or one moving average.

Realistic examples of trading based on technical analysis:


Time frame: H4

Indicators: 200, 26 and 12 "exponential moving averages".


It is worth noting that the strategy creates a special selling mark in the following cases:


The market is facing downtrends, the price here must be below the moving average of two hundred.

The moving average 12 is moving down the 26 moving average.


When the price moves back and when it touches the 12 moving average, here you have to take the profit and you have to take the stop loss above the swing top in mind, doing this is the most correct for you in the trades of buying, so you should always remember to manage your money.


Our advice to you on this point is to trade with more than one digital currency and not a single digital currency.


When trading digital currencies to maximize profits and reduce risks, it is preferable to diversify your digital investment portfolio, as each digital currency has a number of its own purposes.


For example, Litecoin and Bitcoin are directcryptocurrencies.


But it is different from Ethereum as it is a decentralized platform, and Dash digital currency is based on the privacy of its users.


But in general, all the previous currencies are highly liquid and are traded in the market and are available on the best trustworthy trading platforms.


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